Style Card: #NAE2CURLY

curLUXE Naturals Style Cards for Natural Hair delivers step-by-step style suggestions for women of color with 4c textured hair who want to embrace their kinks,coils and curls unapologetically!
  1. Cleanse scalp with Jojoba Mint Moisture Rich Cleansing Tea w/ Cocoa Butter & Rosemary 
  2.  Condition with Manuka Honey & Avocado Conditioning Nectar for 10 mins
  3. Detangle with  Dew Luxe Moisture Mist
  4. Apply Twist and Define cream to each section (dime size amount). Use perm rods of desired curl size.
  5. Go down the length of the perm rod and secure the ends by using more product
  6.  Stay under hooded dryer for one hour
  7.  Use Luxe Oil to add shine and moisture to scalp and curls
  8.  Unravel rods, separate curls and fluff.