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We Are Here to Change the Way You Think About Your Natural Hair: We are curLUXE Naturals™, a movement dedicated to redefining the standard of beauty for Black women.  curLUXE Naturals™ hair products are specifically curated and designed for kinky 4c textures of hair. As the premiere brand of stylized product lines designed for 4c natural hair, we aim to make redefine "kinky" hair as luxurious and ensure that our hair care products more accessible and available for 4c textured women of color and provide the tools and resources needed to build a fully integrated lifestyle.

Our products are sold through independent distribution and black beauty supply retailers. We partner with these retailers because we believe it's important to support our community by providing them with opportunities to access innovative, high-quality products that enhance their standard of living. The beauty industry as a whole continues to neglect women of color and we decided it was time to do something about it.

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